Roof Cleaning Basics

A lot of things in people’s lives may remain unnoticed. You may have observed those tiny parasites slowly feasting on your roof materials and weakening it. The growth of a significant amount of microbes and parasite infestation indicate that truly your roof needs a lot of cleaning. Seek the help of a professional roof expert or you can always do the hard work yourself.¬†You may want to check out the blog for more.

Whether stained with some form of algae or not, a roof should be maintained and clean every now and then. There are three roof cleaning methods that are popularly used by many households these days namely chlorine mixture washes, sodium hydroxide base cleaning and through pressure washing. When any of the mentioned cleaning techniques are efficiently done, your roof can be as good as new without much adverse outcomes. Cleaning should be done at least every 6 to 18 months to ensure cleanliness and safety.

-Sodium Hydroxide Solution Cleaning

This kind of roof cleaning process is effective for most degreasing roofs. A bad thing about this method is that takes a longer time to wash since sodium hydroxide is a substance that needs to be rinsed thoroughly. As part of the consequence, your roofing material may also be at risk for damages. A 100-psi force may be good enough to wash away cleaning solutions in asphalt roofs but the rinsing process may also bring asphalt granules together with it. There are a couple of television and radio advertisements claiming that hydrogen peroxide solutions are safe to you, but they are still toxic. Make sure your hydrogen peroxide wash won’t come in contact with people, your pets and even your plants. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide washes can be quite corrosive and these residues may damage your roof.

-Chlorine Washes

Chlorine bleach solutions need plenty of rinsing compared to the other known methods thus shortening the process of actual roof cleaning. Chlorine is often toxic to plants and people so proper handling should be done to protect the household or your garden from spray runoffs. Asphalt shingle roofing materials clean best with chlorine solutions.

-Pressure Washing

If currently you have a barrel tile, concrete or metal roof, you can always clean it with the use of pressure washing. This natural cleaning method is not made up of chemical components, thus making it environment friendly. If you have installed coated roof panels, then coloring may be slowly washed away with pressure washes. So you may want a repainting or maintenance job done by a roof expert regularly.