Note on Laces for Shoes

In a soccer match, the last thing you need to worry about is your players’ shoe laces! Imagine being able to say “Mary or Sammy put their cleats on before leaving home, their soccer shoes have a snug fit, and I know their laces will stay secure until the game is over!”

There is a way to secure an athlete’s shoes and laces. It begins with an innovative and affordable product named Lock Laces. The Lock Lace system is the most comfortable athletic lacing system around. They are a patented “elastic lacing system” featuring specially designed elastic laces combined with a spring-activated locking device.We get more info on laces for shoes.

This unique design is perfect for activities such as running, walking, aerobics, gym class, biking and other sports. Wear these elastic laces with all styles of running shoes, athletic shoes and casual lace-up shoes. You’ll never have to stop a soccer match to retie your kid’s laces again. With Lock Laces, you can simply slip their soccer shoes on and off, no more tying and untying shoes or double knots! Lock Laces provide convenience, superior comfort, more flexibility and a better fit compared to cotton or nylon styles. These elastic laces provide an innovative and colorful solution to messy or untied shoelaces.

All there is to remember is:

-Just lace ’em once…and never again

-Lock Laces are GREAT for young athletes

-You’ll have no more shoelaces to drag or trip over

-Our elastic laces fit all types of athletic footwear.

Yes! Your young soccer players can now play, perform and compete without worry.