Know About Overland Park Erectile Dysfunction

Keeping this in mind, it’s best to know more about it to take the preventative measures required. Here’s everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction.

-As common as it may be, it’s not Inevitable

The inability to maintain an erection is referred to as erectile dysfunction. In most cases, some men aren’t able to rise to the occasion during any kind of sex whatsoever. So, just how common is this problem in men?

Researchers from the University of Chicago have concluded that almost one-third of men aged anywhere in between 50 to 65 years of age suffer from erectile dysfunction. The figure increases to 44% for men between the ages of 64 to 85. As common as it may seem, more than half of these men never developed this problem.

-Some Changes maybe Inevitable

After 50, most men tend to experience a change in their erections. In some, it can take some time while others may experience it more quickly. The ability to raise erections is mostly lost because of sexual fantasies. Direct contact is required for an erection. Even when an erection does appear, it may rise slowly and may not be as firm as it’s supposed to be.

These changes seem to alarm many men and they eventually assume they must be suffering erectile dysfunction. However, if you can maintain an erection by masturbating, you do not suffer from a dysfunction, but are experiencing erection dissatisfaction instead.

-Minimize the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction through a Healthy Lifestyle

Your sexual drive is dependent on the blood flow through the penis. Keeping this in mind, smoking, alcohol and an unhealthy lifestyle can impair the blood flow, which is required to maintain an erection. Apart from increasing the risk of the dysfunction, it can lead to impotency as well. This makes it important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and a healthy diet. You may want to check out Overland Park Erectile Dysfunction for more.

-Drugs aren’t your only Salvation

The latest findings have shown that performance enhancing drugs can improve erections for more than two-thirds of men. However, in time they may need larger doses to maintain these erections. The larger the dosage, the greater the side effects including nasal congestion and headaches.

Additionally, it has also been noted that these drugs do not necessarily have any effects on the state of an arousal itself. Many men can easily raise an erection, but they lack the desire and interest in sex. Many men use these drugs and end up getting disappointed thus leading to a gradual decline in their sexual drive.

-There’s much more to it than an Erection

Regardless of what you may believe, an erection is not necessary for an orgasm. Depending on your sexual experience, you can achieve an orgasm with a flaccid or a semi-erect penis. Additionally, these orgasms are as intense as any you can experience during intercourse.

-Erection Dissatisfaction does have its Benefits

With age, you can end up feeling dissatisfied with your sexual drive. These erection changes can have its advantages. You will come across various couples where young men often become aroused faster than the woman. These men tend to orgasm before their counterpart has even become fully aroused.

Slow arousal can allow these individuals to match the pace with that of a woman. This allows the couple to enjoy an intimate sexual experience, which is pleasurable for both the man and woman.

Keeping these factors in mind, you now know everything that there is to know about erectile dysfunction. Instead of looking at it negatively, you can take the necessary steps to overcome the obstacles that may come your way. You can also ensure you remain in your prime by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and thus be able to enjoy love making for years to come.