Importance Of Ice Machine

An Ice Machine is essential to opening a cafe or restaurant because it is used for making so many of the drinks you serve in the business. So what to know about the selection of the proper ice machine, so that you have enough ice:

-First the amount of traffic you expect is critical obviously to selecting the machine, so the way you decide that is to learn about the location and the community. Is this a downtown place, will these be busy early morning traffic from business people, or is this a college area and students will be coming in? Will you be offering ice smoothies type drinks and even soda and other cold drink other then coffee? The proper estimate of the traffic and the type of traffic is critical to the amount of ice you will need. For example Manitowoc has an estimated sheet for all types of locations, you can read it online for yourself. Manitowoc Brochure explains the usage guides just click to read this info on page 15. Find the guide in the link below.Have a look at More about the author for info on this.

-Next consider the types of beverages you will be serving, ice coffees, Ice teas, and many of the sodas: fountain, Bottles and cans, will you be asked for ice? Is there any other uses in the place that ice will be required?

-Selecting the machine should also based on the type of ice. You can select flake ice, Cubed, Half Dice, and even crushed. Now that is four types to decide from, and cause the units do not make them all, you have to select the type of before you buy. A standard rule is the bigger the ice the longer it lasts, and also the more room it usually takes up in the glass, meaning the less beverage that is used, saving the owner the cost of the beverages. This can increase profits for the owner.

-So the sizing of the unit is all about knowing these factors above, and placing a number on the amount in Pounds LBS.. of the ice you will need. I strongly recommend you look at the list from Manitowoc to help you figure out the sizing issue and also help you on the type of based on your restaurant and or Cafe. Remember it is better to have a bit more then too little ice.

While there are companies that will help you make this decision, make sure you have reviewed these areas and plan based on traffic because ultimately you will be the person responsible for making the finally decision.