Dental Tips  for Healthy Teeth

Smoking is not glamorous. As a matter of fact, the expensive and addictive habit causes a plethora of medical problems including cancer, emphysema, fertility problems, general life expectancy and premature skin wrinkling. Aside from weakening your general health, tobacco use contributes to halitosis, tooth discoloration, gum disease and slews of other health related issues.

Unfortunately, not only can the problems be irreversible, they may be extremely expensive to treat. Bone and gum grafts to keep teeth intact can cost several thousands of dollars, professional tooth whitening can cost hundreds of dollars and if a patient wants a fully restored smile, the cost can equal the amount to buy a new more here

When a smoker tokes a cigarette, a combination of nicotine and carbon monoxide is inhaled. Those chemicals can increase the resting heart rate; blood pressure and place unnecessarily tax your organs. Those fantastic side effects are not only caused by the tobacco but from the 400 chemical compounds and a minimum of 400 toxic substances in the compound. Those additives combined with tobacco can cause such common dental issues such as:

Mouth sores, Weakened gums, Tooth Staining, Gum disease, Periodontal disease, Oral cancers, Loss of jawbone density, Tooth loss, Bad Breath. Those expenses are not the only costs associated with cigarette smoking. Some other expenses associated with the habit include:

Cost of Cigarettes: As of August 3, 2010, the average pack of American cigarettes cost $5.51.

Yearly Habit: If you smoke a pack a day, that habit can cost you $2,014.12 annually.

Car Depreciation: Car Blue Book values can vary on the condition of the vehicle and if your car permanently smells like an ashtray, you will not be able to fetch top price for your vehicle.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry: Even the most dedicated smoker wants to put on clean, fresh clothing on a daily basis. While non-smokers can easily find options that pass the crucial ‘sniff test’ and can get away with washing their clothes more frequently, smokers need to pay for the privilege of clean clothing with more frequency.

Higher Health Insurance Premiums: Simply put, smokers have more medical issues and higher mortality rates than their non-smoking counterparts. Insurance companies will charge smokers up to $200 more monthly based on those facts.

Heartbreak: There is no price tag that can be placed on the value of a human life. According to the Center for Disease Control, 440,000 die each year from smoking, the price tag, and endless stream of tears.

Sadly, many smokers love their habit and would feel lost without their toxic security blanket. Kicking the smoking habit is extremely challenging, however in the long run quitting smoking can help you save money and your smile. If you have successfully quit the tobacco habit, congratulations and a professional dental exam are in order.