Compound Pharmaceuticals in Lutz-Some Insights 

A compounding pharmacy is different from a common high street pharmacy because it does not just dispense prescription medication, but it is also able to mix or alter existing medicinal drugs, to meet the requirements of its clients. Whilst global pharmaceutical companies design drugs that are as economically efficient and as suitable for mass marketing as possible, compounding pharmacies are instead able to take the needs of their individual clients into account. Patients are given a greater freedom of choice over what medicines are available to them, and how they take their medicinal drugs.

Historically, drugs were always made on-site at local pharmacists, and a pharmacist would have the individual needs of his patient in mind as they mixed medicines, however, as more and more complex medication became available to the general public, it became completely impracticable to continue mixing all medication on-site, and thusly the mass pharmaceutical industry was born. Nevertheless, there is still a necessary place in the world for this type of pharmacy.See here now Compound Pharmacy in Lutz.

One of the main reasons that people utilise the services of compounding pharmacies is because the standard prescription medication available on the market is not suitable for their needs. In many cases, they are allergic to certain, non-essential ingredients, and although they are required to take the medication for an unrelated problem, their allergy will result in an unpleasant reaction to the drug. It is possible that this allergic reaction can even be as bad as the symptoms that the drug is trying to cure! It is therefore understandable that these people would prefer to take medication that did not include the non-essential ingredient that they are intolerant to. A compounding pharmacy is able to make drugs with the same basic functionality as the original medication, but without the ingredients that are problematic for a patient.

Patients may also want to take or administer a drug in an alternative form to that which is available pre-packaged from a normal high street pharmacy. For example, if a patient has a condition that makes swallowing hard, it may not be feasible for them to swallow large tablets whole. Pharmacists can potentially alter medicines so that it is possible to take the medication in liquid form, or in another suitable form. This service is not only limited to patients with a medical reason for not taking one form of a medication, but is also available for patients who voluntarily decide that they do not like a certain form of medication and would prefer to take their medication in an alternative form.

Pharmacists are also able to alter the taste of medication to make taking it a less unpleasant experience. Whilst some mass marketed medicine tastes bad naturally because of the active ingredients, other medication may be made to taste bad to dissuade children from swallowing them in the mistake belief that they are sweets. If you know that you can safely keep your medication away from people who it is not prescribed to, then you may want to have the flavour of your medication changed for taste reasons.