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If you are like many pet parents today thinking about the best way to take your dog out on a walk, a dog stroller might have crossed your mind. These unique modes of doggie transportation come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. So many that it might be difficult to decide on which one will best suit you and your best friend. No matter if you are looking for a stroller for a small, medium or even large dog, you should have little problem finding one, even if it is hard to decide.

First off, what is a dog stroller and why would you want to use one. Well this type of transport looks very similar if not identical to a human baby stroller. Unlike the human variety though, you will see no leg holes. They are nice way to take your dog for a run without having to worry about your dog dragging behind or stopping every fifteen feet to let them use the bathroom.

There are several types of dog stroller. One type is the open stroller. This is just as it sounds, it’s an open aired much like a baby stroller. This type of stroller doesn’t have anything keeping your dog from its. People can touch and dogs can smell.

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There is also a closed stroller. This stroller is just as it sounds it has a cover over where the opening would be. This covering has strong netting where your dog can get plenty of air but it can’t jump out if the mood should strike it. It also keeps people from coming up and touching your dog without your permission.

There is also the convertible type stroller. This stroller can be either opened or closed. It all depends on how you want to use it-. It’s nice to have an option because if you are walking in an area you know how your dog will react you can allow them a little more freedom. All three types of strollers are rugged and can take all kinds of abuse from your dog without worrying about tears or rips.

When you purchase your dog stroller you want to make sure it’s large enough for your dog to move around easily. When you purchase for a puppy remember that it will grow and purchase a stroller of appropriate size. If you are set on an open stroller you might consider one that has a belt that attaches to the dog’s collar for extra safety.