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Social media web design works based on the old saying that “Even a blade of grass will be used as a weapon by the wise”. Think that you have a few sentences with some interesting information about your website. With these sentences, you cannot achieve targeted traffic through the regular SEO strategies. But in the case of SMO, you have micro-blogs such as twitter,, Google buzz and much more to spread the word. If you have a video, you have the social video sharing sites. So as I said the opportunities are limitless and all you have to do is the match the perfect social media spot with the resource you have. I’ll say that SEO is much like a mechanical process which never change while social media optimization is an ever changing and refreshing process

One interesting fact about web 2.0 web design is that this concept has made many less popular websites get a refreshing new look and become very popular all of a sudden. One of the main reasons behind this sudden increase in popularity of the web 2.0 styled websites is the interactivity and liveliness of the pages. Conventional web design with static images and less input from the user is history.Click web design houston web site.

The new web design with the web 2.0 concept engages the visitor to spend some time in the website with some interactive stuff like finding likeminded people and sharing thoughts. Another great success of the web design with web 2.0 concept is its capability to attract the visitors with the glossy graphics so that the website will be memorized by the visitor. So if your website needs a change or refreshment to attract more visitors, it is high time to start web design with the web 2.0 concept and turns heads of the internet surfers out there.

Many people out there in the internet marketing and online promotion world have a big misconception that social media web design. They don’t realize the fact that social media web design is entirely a new concept that needs a different approach. This doesn’t mean that search engine optimization is the odd man out in case of SMO. Social media optimization requires at least some basic knowledge of SEO in terms of keywords, descriptions and choosing the proper META data. Now let me justify the title of my blog post.

First of all a “Jack Of All Marketing Options” cannot just successfully plan and execute a perfect social media optimization plan without having enough knowledge on the same. Remember that in the case of SEO, the options and choices are very less. Let’s consider article marketing for example. We write articles, and then include the backlinks to the website and then just submit them to the article directories and that is the end of it. This is a streamlined process which can’t be expanded beyond a certain level. But in the case of Social media optimization the opportunities for promotion are limitless.