About Coworking Space Orlando

Many surveys revealed that coworking space is making a big difference in the way people work today. A recent group report made by a member of the Fortune 500 companies showed why office space users of all sizes are taking co-working space over traditional office desks.

In the past, there were various misconceptions which kept larger office users away from exploring co-working spaces. But recent trends reveal all that has changed. Large office occupiers have now discovered a number of ways they can use shared workplaces to meet their needs. blogĀ coworking space orlando.

-New markets

A shared workspace or a virtual office for rent can only cost a fraction of the monthly rent for a traditional commercial office, which is only a small price to pay for the access to people who might be new markets and partners in future projects. Establishing connections are priceless.

-Attract and retain talent

Recent studies further suggest that today’s labor force puts a high degree of importance on the need for a great work experience which involves functionality of the workplace, more freedom of work style and the sense of connection with related organizations. The co-working environment consists of professionals in different fields, which is an excellent place to spot new clients and keep a talent who tends to be more effective and productive while working around other professionals. This is certainly a better option than hiring new talents every now and then.


Today’s business strategy involves rapid testing of ideas. The idea of co-working has been drawn on such concept. More progressive approach to design, integration of what’s new and cool are all part of the shared workplace model which promote learning and innovation. Exposing an employee to a whole new, cool and functional work environment can turn out to be a small price for stimulating his innovative vibe.


Average annual cost comparisons made between co-working spaces and traditional office leases showed that shared workspace users can save up to more than 15 percent over traditional leases. Furthermore, the optionality in location and flexibility in lease terms are a significant advantage for users to scale up as their needs grow.

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